Episodes: Season 3

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A Journey of a Thousand Miles

The Marshal pays Maggie and Inolah a visit. DA Stewart makes Pinkerton Daniels a proposition. The Sneads have a tense family reunion. Rosie plots an escape. More...

Whips and Stings
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Whips and Stings

The Marshal searches Maggie’s property. The Pinkerton and DA find an ally in the hunt for Edmund Snead. The Snead family tension comes to a head. Rosie takes a stand. More...

Episodes: Season 2

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Season 2 Trailer

Get a sneak peek at the season 2 action and drama with all your favorite characters and check out Colleen Zenk who joins the cast as Agnes Snead, mother of the naughty Snead boys! More...

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Trust A Few

Marshal Robinson jails Jo and Owen. Agnes Snead coerces Judge Richards. More...

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Lovely To The Dying

Jo puts her medical skills to the test. Maggie and Marshal Robinson meet at Nate's gravesite. More...

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Wrath Of Love

Jo reveals her past to Rosie. Agnes and her sons reunite. More...

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Light In Darkness

Rosie, Jo and Owen share a moment of peace. Help comes for Maggie. Agnes, Harlan and Amon arrive in Thurston. More...

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Kin Will Have Kin

All prepare for the birth of Maggie’s baby. Agnes Snead schemes to reunite her family. More...

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Bonds of Fate

Maggie gives birth. Agnes Snead oversees a wedding. Edmund Snead hits the rails. More...

Episodes: Season 1

Season 1 Trailer
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Season 1 Trailer

Thurston is a compelling drama web series revolving around the residents of a remote mining town and their struggle for survival in the Kansas Ozarks. More...

Season 1, Episode 1: Death Among Savages
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Death Amongst Savages

Thurston's founder dies. Sheriff Hart warns Maggie about a stranger who has come to town. More...

Season 1, Episode 2: Kill Me Tomorrow
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Kill Me Tomorrow

Pearl grieves. Rosie entertains the stranger. Maggie fends off a dangerous visitor. More...

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The Bone Garden

Maggie takes care of unfinished business. Pearl says farewell. More...

Season 1, Episode 4: The Agony of Parting
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The Agony of Parting

Marshal Robinson pays Sheriff Nate Hart a visit. Nate calls on Maggie. More...

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Beating the Devil

Nate flees Thurston. Maggie tracks Nate down... and she's not the only one. More...

Season 1, Episode 6: The Coldest End
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The Coldest End

Nate and Marshal Robinson square off. Cyrus makes a gruesome discovery. More...

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Something Wicked

Rosie receives a troubling letter and challenges Marshal Robinson. Amon Snead goes on trial. More...

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Pent-Up Guilts

The Snead brothers navigate a tense family reunion. Rosie seeks Maggie's help. More...

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Hell Is Empty…

Maggie and Robinson cross paths for the first time since Nate's death. The Snead brothers arrive in Thurston. Jo has a shocking surprise. More...

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An Interview with Colleen Zenk

Three time Emmy Award nominee, Colleen Zenk sits down with Kathryn O'Sullivan to discuss here role as Agnes Snead in Thurston. More...