The Inhabitants

Rosie MacGillicuddy

(Susannah Wells)

Thurston’s soiled dove. Lost her family to the plague when they went West. Surviving the only way she knows how – selling sex and secrets.

Cyrus McCormick

(James O’Sullivan)

Thurston’s general store owner and one of the town’s first residents. Thoughtful and worldly. Has secret trading relationships with those outside of Thurston.

Agnes Snead

(Colleen Zenk)

Thurston’s shrewd former madam.  Mother of the Snead boys.  Fierce and domineering, she takes care of herself and her own.

Edmund Snead

(Walt Willey)

A charming scoundrel and gambler.  Husband to Agnes and father of the Snead boys.  Dangerous to those who cross him.

Harlan Snead

(Evan Casey)

Lawman turned gunman. Oldest son of Thurston’s former madam Agnes Snead. Cunning, controlling and cruel.

Amon Snead

(Felipe Cabezas)

The middle Snead brother. Suffers from a “derangement of the mind” after a mineshaft accident. Leaves bodies in his wake.

Owen Snead

(Garrett Brennan)

The youngest Snead. Babied by his mother and bullied by his brother Harlan. Years of resentment simmer just below the surface.


(Richard Cutting)

Struggling to bring civility to the West.  A decent man until his own survival is at stake.


(Peter Ponzini)

Tough and serious.  Believes in vigilante justice if justice isn’t served in the courts.

Sheriff Nate Hart

(Steven Quartell)

Reluctant lawman. Went West after going AWOL during the Civil War. Observant and practical. Lives in the gray area of justice.

John Callaway

(Regen Wilson)

Former plantation owner. Lost everything in the War. Dastardly and dangerous. Has come West to reclaim the one thing he thinks he still owns.

Garrett Thurston

(Bob Martin)

Founder of Thurston. First watched the railroad pass his once thriving mining town by then the plague take most of its residents. Still clings to the dream of the West.

Pearl Thurston

(Kathryn Browning)

Garrett’s wife. Disappointed and bitter about her life in the frontier.