Nick Gay

(Opening Credit Graphics)

Nick Gay is a video editor and motion graphic designer.  He grew up in Virginia Beach and for the past decade has worked in the D.C. area as a graphic designer, video editor, and motion graphics artist. (more…)

Todd Messegee

(Still Photographer)

Todd spent fifteen years living and working in Hollywood where he wrote and produced a number of TV and film projects including the award-winning short film Brightness that stars Eric Idle.  (more…)

Paul Awad

(Co-Executive Producer/Director/DP/Editor)

Paul Awad is a director and cinematographer who worked in commercials before turning his focus to narrative projects. (more…)

Kathryn O’Sullivan

(Co-Executive Producer/Creator/Writer)

Kathryn O’Sullivan is a playwright and mystery writer.  Her novel Foal Play won the 2012 Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel Competition. (more…)

Regen Wilson

(John Callaway)

Regen Wilson has worked extensively in film, television and the theatre since childhood. (more…)

Garry Westcott

(Marshal Perry Robinson)

Garry Westcott began performing in radio commercials at the age of seven. (more…)

Susannah Wells

(Rosie MacGillicuddy)

Susannah Wells was born with a desire to perform and experienced early encouragement in pursuit of a lifelong dedication to the arts. (more…)

Steven Quartell

(Sheriff Nate Hart)

Local on-camera credits include several projects with Investigation Discovery Channel. (more…)

James O’Sullivan

(Cyrus McCormick)

James O’Sullivan is a graduate student in the M.A. in Writing Program of The Johns Hopkins University and is working on a novel. (more…)

Bob Martin

(Garrett Thurston)

Bob Martin has served in acting and directing capacities on productions (more…)