Colleen Zenk

(Agnes Snead)

Colleen Zenk is best known to millions of fans as Barbara Ryan on the daytime drama As the World Turns, (more…)

Regen Wilson

(John Callaway)

Regen Wilson has worked extensively in film, television and the theatre since childhood. (more…)

Walt Willey

(Edmund Snead)

Born in Ottawa, Illinois, Walt Willey attended Southern Illinois University, where he majored in Fine Arts.  (more…)

Garry Westcott

(Marshal Perry Robinson)

Garry Westcott began performing in radio commercials at the age of seven. (more…)

Susannah Wells

(Rosie MacGillicuddy)

Susannah Wells was born with a desire to perform and experienced early encouragement in pursuit of a lifelong dedication to the arts. (more…)

Steven Quartell

(Sheriff Nate Hart)

Local on-camera credits include several projects with Investigation Discovery Channel. (more…)

Peter Ponzini


Peter Ponzini is very pleased to be a part of the growing Thurston family.  (more…)

Sandra O’Sullivan

(Mabel Winston)

Sandra is delighted to be making her screen debut in Thurston. She enjoys fashion, acting, and dance.

James O’Sullivan

(Cyrus McCormick)

James O’Sullivan is a graduate student in the M.A. in Writing Program of The Johns Hopkins University and is working on a novel. (more…)

Enrico Nassi

(Dr. Benjamin Walkingstick)

Enrico Nassi is an actor, director and teacher based out of Washington, D.C.  He loves working on the character of Benjamin and is (more…)