Travis Marsh


Travis Marsh is a singer-songwriter-guitarist who has found his niche in composing music for television.  He has performed/composed for The Price is Right (CBS) (more…)

Brit Strickland

(Make-up Artist)

Brit Strickland has been a professional make-up artist for eight years.  After attending Joe Blasco Makeup School, she developed a real passion for her craft.  (more…)

Patrick O’Sullivan


Patrick is a video professional with more than ten years of experience working in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area as a video editor, (more…)

Nick Gay

(Opening Credit Graphics)

Nick Gay is a video editor and motion graphic designer.  He grew up in Virginia Beach and for the past decade has worked in the D.C. area as a graphic designer, video editor, and motion graphics artist. (more…)

Todd Messegee

(Still Photographer)

Todd spent fifteen years living and working in Hollywood where he wrote and produced a number of TV and film projects including the award-winning short film Brightness that stars Eric Idle.  (more…)

Paul Awad

(Co-Executive Producer/Director/DP/Editor)

Paul Awad is a director and cinematographer who worked in commercials before turning his focus to narrative projects. (more…)

Kathryn O’Sullivan

(Co-Executive Producer/Creator/Writer)

Kathryn O’Sullivan is a playwright and mystery writer.  Her novel Foal Play won the 2012 Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel Competition. (more…)