Three-Time Emmy Nominee Colleen Zenk and Musician Travis Marsh Join ‘Thurston’ for Season 2

Thurston launches season 2 and the first of four new episodes today.  Beginning with the second episode, audiences will notice a new face amongst Thurston’s inhabitants.  Stage and screen actress Colleen Zenk, beloved for her role as Barbara Ryan for 32 years on As The World Turns and a three-time Emmy nominee, joins the cast as Agnes Snead, Thurston’s shrewd former madam and mother of the naughty Snead boys.  “We’re thrilled and honored to have Colleen as part of the Thurston family,” said creator and writer Kathryn O’Sullivan.  “Colleen has the wonderful ability to play dangerous and alluring at the same time.  It was such fun writing the role for her.  If you think the Snead boys are trouble, wait until you see their mama.”

While Colleen Zenk will be the new face on Thurston, Travis Marsh will be the new sound.  Travis Marsh is an accomplished singer-songwriter-guitarist who has composed for web series and is part of the band Nightsky Drive with his sister, Amanda.  His fresh instrumental and vocal renditions of the 1866 American classic “When You and I Were Young, Maggie” will be heard at the end of episodes.  “Travis is a great young talent and we’re delighted that he’s lending his sound to the show,” said director Paul Awad.

Season 2 picks up where season 1 left off.  Maggie has killed her husband, lost Sheriff Hart at the hands of the Marshal, is pregnant, and doesn’t know whether the child is her dead husband’s or her dead lover’s.  Rosie, the town’s soiled dove, has learned Maggie’s secret (Maggie killed her husband.) and failed at an attempt to flee Thurston.  Cyrus has discovered a decapitated body.  Marshal Robinson remains a distrusted member of the town but has been recruited by Maggie to help when the Sneads arrive.  The Snead boys have escaped from the law, arrived in Thurston with the mysterious Josephine “Jo” Maxwell to retrieve a “package” for their mama, and dug in their boots for a showdown.