‘Thurston’ Season 3 Premieres November 30, 2014

Thurston returns for its third season Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 12 noon EST with four new episodes. Season two ended with the birth of Maggie’s baby at the Walkingstick home, Maggie’s confession to the Marshal, Agnes Snead’s middle-of-the-night kidnapping of Rosie and Owen with the help of her sons Harlan and Amon, Rosie’s forced marriage to Amon, and the rogue Edmund Snead’s encounter with Pinkerton Daniels on the rails. “After the darker events of last season, we are jokingly referring to season three as the season of love,” said co-executive producer, creator, and writer Kathryn O’Sullivan. “Viewers can expect big journeys for the inhabitants of Thurston – literal and figurative,” she added.  This season Paul Awad, Thurston’s co-executive producer, director, and cinematographer, joins O’Sullivan in writing episodes two through four.  “Kathryn and I had different characters’ voices in our heads so it was fun writing a scene with her and seeing how it turned out,” said Awad. In Sunday’s season premiere the Marshal pays Maggie and Inolah a visit, District Attorney Stewart (Remember him from the courthouse scene from season two?) makes Pinkerton Detective Frank Daniels a proposition, the Sneads have a tense family reunion, and Rosie plots her escape.